Quality Assurance


Our ISO Policy

• Customer First, Always
• Passion for Quality (Product and Service)
• Commitment to Timely Delivery

In pursuit of quality excellence, Biovista is certified of ISO 9001:2015 on 27 April 2018. We have started implementing ISO quality management in June 2012 and now continuing it for better result.

We are dedicated to maintain an exceptional standard in service and we strive to do beyond our customer's requirement.

We always ensure our customers are satisfied and our products are supplied with the highest possible standard of quality.

We believe that upholding to strong values, is the key to success. Our core values are the cornerstone of everything we do and every decision we make. They are what we hold to be fundamental to our business practice in order to realise our missions and to make us distinctive.


Our Corporate Symbol of Assurance

• The bird resembles our continuous improvements.
• The sharp wing span resembles our consistency and the leaf resembles our persistency & perseverance.
• The blue-green colour combination resembles our strong determination and focus in the industry.
• The aromatic ring resembles our knowledge without boundaries.